Student Founder Focused

Textbook Ventures is a student-led organisation dedicated to supporting student founders across NSW.


We facilitate events everything from general entrepreneurial literacy to technology in academia


Founder Program

Learn from the best in exclusive masterclasses and workshops

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Founder Mentors

Get paired as a student founder or mentor founder, mentors provide support and guidance with their experiences in growing their company since university.

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University Startup Directory

A network of university startups connecting student founders and providing insight into ecosystem trends

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“Textbook Ventures provided that extra push for us to achieve our goals. Their relentless support was crucial when V-KAIWA were having doubts or problems with our milestones.”

“Textbook Ventures were pivotal in our growth in the early stages of our startup. They pushed and encouraged us and set reasonable milestones dramatically accelerating our progress. With David and Patrick’s experience and knowledge in the diverse needs and requirements of a start-up, they worked with us to build on our pitching and presentation ability and find necessary gaps and questions that we had previously overlooked. We still continue to work in the Textbook Ventures portfolio, and trust in their advice and ability to assist in the further development of our company.”

“Textbook Ventures has played a crucial role in turning our idea into a reality. They have greatly expanded our network and connected us to key industry players, allowing us to access expert advice tailored to our needs.
The team at Textbook Ventures are fantastic at what they do and offer guidance in a range of areas applicable to running a startup, from Legals to User Experience. They are reliable and approachable and have first hand experience with the problems and challenges faced by entrepreneurs.”

“Being part of Textbook Ventures was an awesome experience for our Startup, to build the relationship with the other founders and the Textbook Ventures team, getting their feedback in several stages of our project was extremely valuable.”

“My experience with Textbook Ventures was nothing short of exceptional. Textbook Venture’s support gave us the resources and the drive to prototype our product in the real market. David and Patrick were easy to contact and honest, providing constructive feedback as well as suggesting alternatives to pivot our team in the right direction – they really understood our vision. This level support was incredible, As many of us were balancing full time university with little experience in the startup industry. A major focus of the program was preparing teams to pitch in front of Venture Capitalists, Marketing Specialists and Entrepreneurs – a daunting yet rewarding experience that connected us with valuable networks in industry.”

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