What I Learnt From the Chinese Innovation Ecosystem

The Caohejing Hi-Tech Park, a 14 sq km technology park which houses numerous international companies to incubator spaces like Fishburners Shanghai David Lu Follow me Co-Founder @textbookvc. Posted on August 3rd Whenever an entrepreneur begins discussing their potential plans to expand to China, or conduct manufacturing there, I always find that there’s a degree of […]

What We Look For In Student-Run Startup Companies

David Lu Follow me Co-Founder @textbookvc. Posted on May 21st At Textbook Ventures, we’re looking to invest in the future entrepreneurs of Australia. As students ourselves, we understand that there may be barriers to being an entrepreneur while in university. Whether it be having your time split between university and your company, or going through […]

Why I Decided to Launch a Student-Run VC Fund

Textbook Ventures’ First Student Pitch Night David Lu Follow me Co-Founder @textbookvc. Posted on May 21st Textbook Ventures is a student-run venture capital firm, created for students. I launched the VC fund late last year with my co-founder, Patrick O’Connell, with the aim to help students to put entrepreneurial ideas into action, both in founding […]

Don't Wait

Don’t Wait Til You Graduate to Launch a Startup. Seriously.

Jenny Chu Follow me Designer, eater, traveller, learner, wannabe writer. Product Manager @nelaapp, Head of Engagement @textbookvc. Posted on April 23rd The founders of Reddit, Facebook, Snapchat and Google all met and started their respective companies in university. Whether they actually completed their degree, that’s for another blog post. However, as a university student myself, […]