Why I skipped a month of uni to spend time with Asia’s top AI accelerator

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I’ve spent the last three weeks working closely with the awesome team at Zeroth.AI, Asia’s first AI accelerator. There, I was able to deep dive into Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). For a non-technical person (yours truly), the experience has been nothing short of fascinating. In this blog, I share some preliminary concepts of AI and why I believe it is fundamentally important to learn about this emerging technology.

Amazon’s deep learning-based image analysis — look at the bottom right-hand corner to see how it can identify objects!

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AI Panel with some of the #Z01 Cohort members (and Tak)!


A big shout out to tak_lo and the Zeroth.AI Team for hosting this rogue Aussie at their offices for a month — I will cherish the warmth with which you welcomed me and making it a truly a wonderful learning experience. To Nick White, thanks very much for giving me my first lesson into AI and fielding the subsequent flow of endless questions; I hope I am a little more knowledgeable about it now. And of course, to my wonderful mentor, John Henderson, for the introduction to Tak, without which this experience would not have been possible.