Introducing HARU.!


Previously known as “PerfectFit”, HARU. has recently rebranded itself with a new name and a new website!

HARU., a fashiontech startup, has been conducting market surveys on potential users to uncover demand for their product. Through their new website, HARU. have also begun signing up users for a beta trial of their app.

The startup was founded this year and is in the process of creating a mobile app to obtain body measurements from photos, matching clothes to users based off their measurements and allowing them to visualise how an item will fit. This gives users the fitting room experience without having to leave the house.


HARU. is one of 5 startups in Textbook Ventures’s third cohort and is the first fashiontech startup we've ever had! The founders Patricia Sullivan and Sarah Valente are UNSW students who worked on the idea during their MGMT2010 “Innovation and Entrepreneurship” course. Ever since brainstorming and pitching the idea for HARU in the course, they have decided to take their idea to bigger and better things by developing the idea with the help of the mentors and associates at Textbook Ventures.

The aim of the startup is to create an app to seamlessly merge AR into the fashion retail experience and help users achieve a perfect fit when shopping online.