Below are the startups we are working with to bring their ideas into industry.

MiniEpi is a compact pocket-sized adrenaline auto-injector used to treat life-threatening allergic reactions, Specially designed and crafted to integrate into the daily lives of allergy sufferers as would other items such as a phone, key set or wallet.

CodeCreate provides immersive digital workshops to students from K-12. Students learn how to launch their own websites, text based games or Instagram-esque image filters in python.

While Starship.live is a online live classes platform teaching skills in areas such as programming, marketing, design and connecting you with industry professionals from companies like Google, Freelancer, KPMG and others.

V-KAIWA is a language learning and cultural training Virtual Reality application helping empower international students’ speaking and listening ability. Using immersive virtual environments, students learn not only how to speak a language, but also the social nuances of other cultures.

Haru is a mobile application for fashion that eliminates the frustration of purchasing the wrong sized clothing. Able to obtain body measurements from photos, customers can try clothing without entering any of our partnered fashion brands enabling customers to find their perfect fit.

Palpebral will utilise constellation of 50 CubeSats to provide early detection and real-time monitoring of bushfires before they can cause damage. This technology gives fire fighters a fighting chance, saving homes in bushfire prone areas, eliminating costs of plane plane patrols and aids insurance agency's estimate risk.
BookStop is a marketplace for second-hand textbooks, enabling students to save money on books and selling old textbooks. The app focuses on the user experience, supporting university course specific material and reduces the hassle of selling books by connecting only the buyer and seller.