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Are you interested in working at a startup?

Aura Ventures
Backing the creators of category-defining companies

We are excited to have Aura Ventures as our sponsor for 2022! Aura Ventures’ mission is to spot the brightest technologies and help turn them into global winners.

Aura is collaborating with the team at Textbook Ventures to design and roll out hands-on programs to get students close to what working in startups or venture capital could look like.

For Aura, a key part of supporting their portfolio companies is helping find the best talent possible to drive them forward. For this reason, Aura is eager to find talented and driven students that are interested in working at the startups they have invested in.

Fill in the form below to express your interest

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Fill out the form below to express your interest

Please fill out this form to express your interest in an internship at a startup. We will be in touch with you if an opportunity opens up and we think you will be a good fit.

Please note that this is an expression of interest only- not all the companies will have open opportunities